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MicroSurvey FieldGenius v11.0.2
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Real estate is the most unique thing that marketing has to offer. If you're talking about residential real estate, it could be referring to: marketing homeowners to convince them to employ you to purchase their house
Advertising to homeowners or renters in order to convince them to purchase a house
Offer your services to potential buyers of homes in order to sell the house of your client
The marketing plan for the Los Angeles-based real estate agent is different from one for the small West Virginia community. There isn't a single marketing strategy that will work for all clients. Instead, the methods for marketing real estate you select will be based on the area you're in and your market, as well as the type of clients you want to attract and your preferences. Take a look at the best real estate marketing ideas more advice.

[Image: Best-Tools-for-Real-Estate-Marketing.jpg]

The Five Phases Of Real Estate Marketing
Agents aren't able to acquire clients instantaneously or by magic. Real estate agents need to understand that there's a consistent and universal process to acquire and keep new clients. It can be broken into five stages. Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Customer Servicing, Lead Conversion, Client Retainment.

1. Lead Generation
This is the method of identifying potential clients and initiating contact. Although this is a large part of the real estate marketing, it's not always the most talked about. Each of the techniques for marketing can be utilized to generate leads for real estate. Each method can work, but we recommend only focus on three channels. In time you will be able to evaluate and optimize the effectiveness of each channel.

2. Lead Nurturing
Even if you have an impressive list of leads that are qualified, it's not realistic to expect them to do business with you, especially when they don't know your business well. An average lead on the internet won't buy or sell a home within 6-18 months. The typical lead is converted into clients after 8-12 contacts. A few agents follow-up with leads after they have been contacted. This is why the majority of real estate agents do not succeed in marketing. For success in real estate marketing, you need to take an approach that is long-term and treat your leads as friends, constantly developing trust through consistent service and communication. This is how you must consider it from the perspective of your prospect. They might be interested in purchasing or selling a home however, they don't know where or how to start. Although they may find your website and be keen to work with you, they could become distracted by other things and lose sight of the real estate-related goals they have. Your leads will feel more relaxed by engaging them and provide value, but not bragging about your business. You could also make your leads more likely to buy or sell if you take care to nurture them. We now move to the next phase. View the top lead generation for realtors more tips.

[Image: u003d2C5f8Ynp-vugd8Qsl2tqmiHd8vsMpu2gJl7ohCvyacg]

3. Lead Conversion
Converting is when leads turn into client. It is typically done through the signing of an agreement. It is among the most rewarding parts of real estate, but acquiring new clients isn't possible without finding a reliable and efficient method for generating leads, and nurturing those leads until they know, like and trust you. They are motivated and able to purchase or sell a house. If you're looking to improve your lead conversion rate think about what you could do BEFORE or WHILE you meet with the lead. To increase your client-to-lead ratio it is possible to offer the lead a helpful video to prepare them for the meeting. The video should provide suggestions for interviewing agents, as well as the qualities to consider when choosing an agent.
Contact the Lead to send an endorsement from a previous customer
Send the leads a pack with a timeline, a description, and instructions on how to promote the address of their home.
In order to make the buyer feel more informed, prepare an analysis of the market or an analysis of local conditions which is similar to theirs and then share it with them at a listing appointment.

4. Client Servicing
This stage is all focused on helping clients meet their real property goals in a fun and relaxing manner. The reason this is an element of real estate marketing is because your aim should be to serve your clients in such a way that they'll be compelled to encourage their friends and family to work with you as well. Referring customers to us is free. It is a result of reputable and reputable sources.

[Image: u003dreal-estate-infographic.jpg]

5. Client Retainment
Acquisition of a new customer could be five times more costly than keeping an existing customer (source Maintaining customers is essential for real estate marketing, particularly for those with an existing client base. Be sure to follow-up with customers after the sale in order to keep them returning. Clients are expected to be contacted within a week at the time of one month and three days after the sale. This allows you to monitor clients and check to see if they're settled into their new house. If they're having issues, you'll be there to assist them in navigating it.
Client Nurturing. Provide valuable content (emails. Send valuable content (emails or mailers and invitations), news, insights and more. on a regular basis.
These two steps will ensure that your customers are comfortable about their purchases and keep you on their radar and in contact with them. If they're ready and able to purchase or sell another home, or even refer someone else to you to you, they'll more likely to think of you. Visit today!


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