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PDF of this product description

With you will search PubMed and PubMedCentral to get a printable list of titles retrieved enhanced by barcod39 scannable item numbers to do bigger datasets offline.

The individual item will look like this:

You can scan (or type) individual the pmid identifier number to retrieve results, key 'PMID' will ... the 'common-linkout-box', from where...

you can

-copy paste the doi-identifier into sci-hub (use sci-hub with tor)

-open google scholar to get a free pdf link to the journal, researchgate or other trusted filehosts

-open the paper on the journal's host

-open the paper on PubMed / PMCentral

there is a very small abstract image next to the twitterbird which can be saved in standard size

you can copypaste messages for (own) wikimedia, gab or twitter.

Around the ad, title/source/abstract are shown.

Back to the title-list. It shows upto 2 x 150 items, those which are free and those wich seem not to be free. To get the next 2 x 150 items, use NEXT PAGE, to print the page take this print-with-firefox button. After having done all PubMed retrievals, it will run PMCentral automatically.

If you have a paper you will have a references section and you might want have a citated paper. So you need to ask PubMed to give a link...

I have setup a database of one-letter journal abbreviations to do that. Remember:

Wheras apj means Asian Pacific Journal of Allergy and Immunology; press 'one VOL PAGE' button,

then choose the appropriate journal


OPEN it -> 'common linkout box'.

This is all makes with PubMed / PMCentral.

But how to get started, where do i type my search term...

means (mgso4 OR magnesium) AND inhalation

program is php not javascript this is the reason to press the orange enter bar. (technically, the page reloads with all linkables pre-loaded with your search term.

Press then the 'MoreMed Medline, then PMCentral, then Scilit(MDPI) button. -> the title list (2 x 150/barcode) opens.

Some others are below...

Scroll it further, there appears a major assortment with link buttons. As of 2012 when i made this program, many then valid linkouts are enabled and pre-fed with your original search term if they accept complex boolean or simplified search terms if not. Someday, Ill make a major workaround.

If you have a barcod39 reader, you need the free 3 of 9 font.

It is recommended to use the Firexfox browser because all others gave faulty printouts at time of development.